Thursday, June 14, 2018


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9:00 AM 

PLAY BALL!  ALERT - Please use fields #1 and #2 today.  The others are closed for the day. (Something about a raccoon climbing up the pitcher's mound.)


The Kingsmen (Tim Hewitt, Jeff Senten and Rick Cook) won the 2018 ISSA Great Smoky Mountain Senior Classic Tournament this weekend. They beat the Dayton Legends 17-13 for the Men's 60 Division Championship.

Jeff was selected to the all-tournament team and Rick was selected tournament MVP.  Congrats guys!


Jeff's name was spelled incorrectly earlier. I can't say who made the mistake, but his initials are RC.

NEWS: The Tennessee Olympic folks have decided to cancel softball events going forward.  This is the result of the lack of entries over the last couple of years. 

Good News! Paul Cann is back at home, see address and directions below.

Good job guys, we collected $226.00 for the Billy Q. Memorial Bench. We have found a bench builder and a location for the bench. As soon as the bench is installed, we'll post pictures and directions.

BTW: If you meet someone thinking about joining our group, point them to our website which has all kinds of info about playing.