Thursday, October 19, 2017


                  Thursday 10/19/2017


SAD NEWS!  Curt Clayton has passed away in Maine, he was 81.   R.I.P. Curt.  Funeral services for Curt will be on Nov 6th in Freehold NJ.  There is the possibility that Curt's family may come to Crossville TN and have a Memorial at a later date.


Please check below for photos of Pete and Curt.

BTW: If you meet someone thinking about joining our group, point them to our website which has all kinds of info about playing.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cards and Letters Requested

Curt Clayton:

Funeral services for Curt will be on Nov 6th in Freehold NJ.  There is the possibility that Curt's family may come to Crossville TN and have a Memorial at a later date.

Paul Cann: 

Paul has been moved. Cards are appreciated.  Short visits after 3:00 PM are now Okay. Might be wise to call ahead.

Paul Cann, Room 617
Wharton Nursing Home
P.O. Box 447
Pleasant Hill, TN 38579

Pete Belanger:  

Services are planned for October 21 in Clearwater, FL.
For more info contact Brenda @ (727) 385-1195

You can send condolence cards to:

Brenda Belanger
901 South Bettey Ln.
Clearwater Fl. 33756

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Birmingham Results - 75+ Team

Crossville 75+ Team - Birmingham 
National Senior Olympics
Silver Medal 2017

According to several observers, Ed Sealy hit in six straight at-bats. When asked about it, Ed said, "I've done that numerous times, but this time I was awake!"

Monday, June 5, 2017

Birmingham Results - 70+ TEAM


1st ROW: John Capobianco, Mike Zdrodowski, 

Gary Nyquist, Franc Connor(m), Dave Sheperd, 
Dave Clark, John Luciano, Tim Hewitt(c).

2nd ROW: Jerry Brust, John Sohmer, John Owings(c), Cal Smart.

3rd ROW: George McKay, Chet Scheatzle, Rick Severson, 

Joe Humbaugh, Terry Franklin, Ben Smith. 

(m) = manager, (c) = coach 


Record for tournament: 5 wins, 2 losses.

One game Saturday: One loss.

Score: 17-13

Note: If you haven't been in a tournament of this kind, here's what happens.  After pool play and the first round of games, you get assigned to either division one or division two (sometimes called the 'losers' bracket).  There are medals awarded for each division. The team we beat on Friday 23-4 wound up winning the Gold in division two.

Since we were in the division one bracket we wound up only getting Bronze. In any event, the 5-2 won/loss record is the best record by a Crossville team in the Nationals.

Jerry Brust has likely ended his softball playing for the year. He suffered a nasty groin tear.


Three games... two wins.

Scores: 1-9,  11-7,  23-4

The medal round commences tomorrow morning @ 9:40 AM.

Only one player had to go to the ER today.  (I've been asked to mention that it is NOT Ben).

Franc Connor did some spear chucking in the morning.  We have not been informed of any injuries to any of the spectators.


Three games ... three wins.

Scores: 14-10, 11-5, 15-5.

The team was trailing 10-2 in that first game, but held them scoreless while scoring 12 runs.

Only two injuries so far!

We drew the bye for tomorrow, so we get to sleep in.... 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

$20 Voluntary Contribution to Support Softball

In order to support our Monday/Thursday Senior Softball, we need bats, balls, first aid items, and other equipment.  Since we do not have a sponsor, you are requested to contribute $20 at the beginning of each season to help defray costs.  This is strictly voluntary.  Softball board member, Ted Meadows, will collect contributions and deposit them in our Bank Account.  Optionally, players on TN State Olympic teams can give their $20 to their team captains.  Once again this is voluntary, and no giving records will be kept.  The City of Crossville has been very generous to Senior Softball over the years.  In addition to giving us free access to our beautiful softball facilities at Centennial Park and Garrision Park, they pay our fees to participate in the State Senior Games in Franklin, TN.  Hopefully, we can all do our part to keep Senior Softball alive.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Player Age Rules

On March 20, 2017 leadership of Crossville Men's Senior Softball League decided to lower the new player eligibility age.

(1) To be eligible to participate a player must reach the age of 50 prior to Dec. 31 in the year of first participation in the league.

(2) Any current players that may not meet these age requirements are grandfathered-in, and may continue to play.

(3) The eligibility rule does not apply to any ladies who may wish to play in our league.

(4) In the future, on any play dates when we have 32 or more players and can have four teams, we will make every effort to divide players so that players below 70 may compete with players in their peer age group while players 70 and over may likewise compete against their peers.

The sole objective of these rules is safety.