Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014 -- Play Ball

A nice day to play with temps in the upper 60s. See you there.

Anyone wanting to order a Crossville Senior Softball jersey (white with blue sleeves or solid blue) needs to contact Dick Deweese (210-2053 or this week.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

$20 Voluntary Contribution to Support Softball

In order to support our Monday/Thursday Senior Softball we need bats, balls, first aid items, and other equipment. Since we do not have a sponsor, you are requested to contribute $20 at the beginning of each season to help defray costs.  This is strictly voluntary. Players on TN State Olympic teams are requested to give their $20 to their team captains (Tim Hewitt, Dick Deweese, Franc Connor, or Bob Shurmur). Our softball board members, Ted Meadows and Bob Shurmur, will still collect contributions from others, and deposit them in our Bank Account. Once again this is voluntary, and no giving records will be kept. The City of Crossville has been very generous to Senior Softball over the years. In addition to giving us free access to our beautiful softball facitlites at Centennial Park and Garrision Park, they contributed $3000 toward our 2014 fees to participate in the State Senior Games in Franklin, TN. Hopefully, we can all do our part to keep Senior Softball alive.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


The following National Crossville Senior Softball Team members have been recognized by the National Senior Olympic Organization as 2013 National All-Star players;  Mike Zdrodowski (1st team), George McKay (3rd team) & Gary Nyquist (3rd team).

Other participants from the Crossville area but on other teams also received recognition; Ray Kent (1st team) & Marcia Hiltabidle (1st team).

Thursday, December 12, 2013


On Dec 9th, 2013, a plaque in memory of deceased members of the Crossville Senior Softball Association was presented to the Club President, Ted Meadows (far right) and Treasurer, Bob Shurmur (far left) by the Memorial Committee members, Bill Harris (center left) and Ed Seely (center right).  Memorial Committee member Ray Kent was not present.

The presentation took place at the annual softball luncheon at Ryan's Steakhouse.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Front Row; John Sohmer, Paul Cann(manager), Gary Storer


Middle Row; Loren Farr, Pat Flynn, Blain Dorn, Jerry Brust


Back Row; Tim Hewitt, Tom Baldwin, Randy Vitek, Ted Meadows


Not Pictured: Gary Nyquist and Mike Albin



4 PAUL'S PIRANAHS 7 2 0.778
2 RICK'S RENEGADES 6 3 0.667
1 BOB'S BOBCATS 4 5 0.444
3 JOE'S JAGUARS 1 8 0.111

Monday, August 26, 2013

New Player Age Rules


On August 26, 2013 leadership of Crossville Men's Senior Softball League decided to lower the new player eligibility age.

(1) To be eligible to participate a player must reach the age of 58 prior to Dec. 31 in the year of first participation in the league. This gives the new players, most of whom haven't played in many years, an opportunity hone their skills while they get to know us and we get to know them.  They would then be eligible for the 60-64 Olympic Team the year after they reach 59.

(2) Any current players that may not meet these age requirements are grandfathered-in, and may continue to play.

(3) The eligibility rule does not apply to any ladies who may wish to play in our league.

(4) In the future, on any play dates when we have 32 or more players and can have four teams, we will make every effort to divide players so that players below 70 may compete with players in their peer age group while players 70 and over may likewise compete against their peers.

The sole objective of these rules is safety. It seems that Mother Nature has disproportionately blessed our "younger" players with more strength, speed, and agility.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS CROSSVILLE 65+ TEAM: National Senior Softball Division AA Bronze Medal Winners

Ray Woolsey, Mike Zdrodowski, Dave Clark, Ed Ryback, Jerry Brust, Don Lambert, John Capobianco.
MIDDLE  ROW: Terry Franklin, Dan Taylor, Cal Smart, Gary Smith, Dave Sheperd, Tim Hewitt(coach), John Sohmer.
BACK ROW: Dick Deweese(manager), Ben Smith, Gary Nyquist, George McKay, Joe Humbaugh.

Game Statistics Provided by Coach Tim Hewitt

Sohmer 27 14 1 12 8 .519
Smart 27 13 1 8 11 .481
Zdrodowski 26 22 1 15 13 .846
Clark 24 15 4 13 9 .625
Woolsey 22 12 0 10 16 .545
Nyquist 21 14 2 10 11 .667
Sheperd 21 9 1 7 9 .429
McKay 20 12 4 14 8 .600
Franklin 20 10 1 6 5 .500
Ryback 18 9 1 7 4 .500
Smith, Gary 15 9 2 8 10 .667
Humbaugh 13 5 1 2 3 .385
Brust 10 6 0 2 5 .600
Taylor 9 4 1 2 2 .444
Lambert 6 4 1 1 1 .667
Capobianco 4 1 0 1 0 .250
Smith, Ben 3 0 0 0 0 .000

Summary of Cleveland National Senior Softball Experience:

There were 15 teams in our age bracket, and our first 2 games on Wednesday, July 24th, were to determine where in the flow chart we would be seated.  Wednesday we split 2 games.  We beat New Bern NC 12 to 10, but lost to Cleveland OH 19 to 14.

Thursday, July 25th, we beat Wilmington NC 20 to 14, and Hendersonville NC 21 to 8.  In our final game of the day we lost to Wallingford CONN 11 to 7. 

There are 3 divisions, AAA, AA, and A.  If we win Friday, we qualify for AAA division, and if we lose, we drop down to the next division.  However, 3 losses and we are eliminated.

Friday, July 26, we played 3 games.  Unfortunately, we lost our first 2 games to Wilmington DE (20 to 10) & Hendersonville NC (18 to 11, a rematch we had won yesterday).  This dropped us into the division AA game for the Bronze against Jersey Shores NJ, which we won 21 to 18.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 TN State Senior Olympics - Crossville 75+ Softball Team

The City of Crossville 75+ Softball Team won the SILVER medal in the 2013 TN State Senior Olympic Softball Tournament.

The players shown in the photo are:

FRONT ROW: Bob Carlton, Quineth Roberts(coach), Austin Green, Gene Ferris, Ray Kent(manager).      
MIDDLE  ROW: Tom Ashburn(coach), Tom Baldwin, Ron(Andy) Anderson, Jim Bates, Tod Klerekoper.

BACK ROW:  Bob Shurmur, Ed Seely, Charles Kapp, Loren Farr.

2013 TN State Senior Olympics - Crossville 70+ Softball Team

The City of Crossville 70+ Softball Team won the SILVER medal in the 2013  TN State Senior Olympic Softball Tournament.

 The players shown in the photo are:

FRONT ROW: John Capobianco, Wayne Hill, Jay Damron. Bobby Pullen, Wally Patrick, Bob Bullock.

MIDDLE  ROW: Franc Connor, Jim Swenderman, Joe Reali, Ted Meadows, Kraig Hilbink(manager).

BACK ROW:  Jim Towery, Dick Moreland, Bill Harris, John Luciano, Randy Vitek, Bob Hassan.

2013 TN State Senior Olympics - Crossville 65+ Softball Team

The City of Crossville 65+ Softball Team won the GOLD medal in the 2013 TN State Senior Olympic Softball Tournament.

The players shown in the photo are:

FRONT ROW: John Sohmer,  Jerry Brust, Mike Zdrodowski, Gary Smith, Gary Nyquist.      
MIDDLE  ROW: Dave Sheperd, Joe Humbaugh, Cal Smart, Dave Clark, Terry Franklin.

BACK ROW:  Ed Ryback, Dan Taylor, Ben Smith, Ray Woolsey, George McKay, Dick Deweese(manager).

2013 TN State Senior Olympics - Crossville 60+ Softball Team

The City of Crossville 60+ Softball Team won the SILVER metal in the 2013 TN State Senior Olympic Softball Tournament.

The players shown in the photo are:

FRONT ROW: Al Ott, Don Lambert, Randy Henry, Claude Martin.   

MIDDLE ROW: Jeff Matheus, Larry Ward, 
Tim Hewitt(Manager), Archie King.

BACK ROW: Mike Watts, Alan Sarge, Gary Morrison, Elliot Kornreich, Paul Cann.